10 ways peninou does it like no one else

1. Every item is carefully inspected with our state of the art video system, to identify stains, snags and signs of wear

2. Any stains are carefully assessed and meticulously treated by hand, using gentle, custom-made solvents

3. Each laundry item is placed in an individual nylon bag for protection during cleaning.

4. Our crystal clear, German-engineered detergents meet strict European environmental standards while keeping colors and whites brighter.

5. Our hand cooked natural starch leaves absolutely no discoloration or stiff residue.

6. We never use Perchloroethylene, bleach or perfumes of any kind

7. We source and custom-tailor the most advanced equipment and machinery available from around the world.

8. We perform all of our own cleaning in our pristine, eco-friendly South San Francisco facility.

9. We never machine press, which can leave a sheen over time. Instead, we hand finish every item with a warm iron in the French Laundry tradition.

10. Our structured apprentice program yields generations of expert artisans trained in stain removal, pressing, tailoring and impeccable finishing.


Our Methods


Each of our proprietary processes result in clothes that smell fresh, last longer, stay brighter and always look and feel their best.


Dry Cleaning

Our gentle, eco-friendly process for fine fabrics


Wet Cleaning

An advanced, water-based process
that minimizes color loss and shrinkage


French Laundry

Our heritage, high-touch laundry service



We have the expertise to restore,
refit and repair virtually any garment



The lost art of repairing
fine woven fabrics


Leather & Fur

Exceptional care for your
leather, suede, and fur


our expertise

Trust Peninou to clean, tailor and maintain your fine apparel, including shirts and blouses, fine suits, trousers, cashmere and knits, dresses, couture fashion, outerwear, furs and leather goods, silk and lace lingerie, neckties and pocket squares.