What is french laundry?


French Laundries specialize in fine wardrobe and textile items that require hand finishing and special attention to detail.


Do you have same day service?


Quality takes time, so we do not offer same day service. We are able to offer Next-Day and 2-day service for a small fee.


Should I tip my driver?


They also do not accept account payments. Your account will be automatically billed to your credit card on file at the end of each month.


Is there a fee for Pickup and Delivery?


No. Our service is always complimentary and available at your home or office. Prices per item are the same as in our stores.


What are the hours for Pickup and Delivery?


Our drivers are on-call Monday through Friday from 7am to 2:30pm. Extended hours may be available on request. Same day pickup must be requested before noon.


What makes Peninou different?


Peninou continually strives to provide the best cleaning service available anywhere in the world. Each of our processes is carefully customized for exceptional results. Our valets drive the same routes consistently, learning your preferences and providing personalized service. We use gentle, eco-friendly detergents, launder in small batches, operate our own pristine facility and are unparalleled experts in our craft, with over 100 years of experience.


Why don’t you have an app?


We believe in service the old-world way. By connecting you directly to your driver or a customer service specialist via phone or text, we can provide bespoke solutions to any issues you may have, immediately.


Do you have a price list?


As part of our legendary care, we assess each item individually at intake to determine the proper cleaning method, and provide special services and treatments as needed. This makes it difficult to provide a standard price list. If you would like to get an estimate, chat with one of our agents.